Online Books for Toddlers Build Reading Skills and Understanding of the Natural World

online-books-for-toddlers-childrensIt’s important to introduce children to reading at a very early age. Even if they’re not able to read, it familiarizes them with the written word, and online books for toddlers combine pictures with words to create an immersive experience that engages little imaginations. Online children’s books also offer additional benefits, including introducing your little ones to technology and familiarizing them with the online reading process.

Online books for toddlers focus more on pictures and illustrations than on chunky blocks of text, which allows kids to begin associating words with images. Spirit Bear is an ideal online children’s books for toddlers (or kids of any other age). It combines detailed illustrations drawn from the Great Bear Rainforest, combined with engaging storytelling that highlights the adventures of a young spirit bear named Annuk and his journey back to his mother after being swept away down a river.

Annuk is befriended by a young sea wolf and encounters both predators and friends along his journey. Your toddler will enjoy the pictures and even become more familiar with the act of reading as you move through the virtual pages.

In addition, we offer free educational resources for parents and teachers, including fun, detailed animal profiles about the animals that inhabit the Great Bear Rainforest.

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