Nature Books for Kids and Free Educational Resources

nature-books-for-kidsWhen it comes to education about the natural world and our human cultural heritage, today’s kids are at a disadvantage. That might be surprising, considering the amount of educational material out there, and the number of software programs supposedly offering education on the environment and the plants and animals with which we share the world. Nature books actually do a far better job of engaging with kids than software or TV programming, and there are some exciting new nature books for children available.

Eco Books 4 Kids offers Spirit Bear, the tale of Annuk, a young spirit bear separated from his mother and forced to endure the hardships of the wild in his journey back to her. Written by Jennifer Harrington, a Toronto-based writer and illustrator, Spirit Bear is slowly gaining a wide following. Engaging, informative, enthralling, this book takes kids on a journey of both natural and self discovery.

Eco Books 4 Kids is proud to offer nature books for children printed on 100% recycled material as well. Our books are uncoated, and are produced using the lightest weight paper and covers possible to limit our environmental impact. We strive to be as green as possible in order to protect the natural world and the heritage our children are due.

We also offer free educational resources for children. Our free online animal profiles let kids learn more about the habits and lifecycles of the animals in our books, building on that initial interest and imbuing a deeper understanding of and connection with the natural world around us. Contact us today by calling 647.724.7106.