Kids Stories about Animals Combine Reading, Fun and Education for Outstanding Results

kids-stories-about-animalsWhether you’re a parent or an educator, you know how difficult it can be to get kids interested in reading. However, kids stories about animals offer a unique way to make that process simpler. Kids love to learn about animals of all types, and stories about animals can combine that love of learning with education and fun to create outstanding results.

The key to creating effective kids stories about animals is to combine rich imagery with dynamic storytelling and accurate depictions of animals. Spirit Bear is an excellent example of this. The book tells the story of Annuk, a young spirit bear living in the Great Bear Rainforest. While testing his ability to fish in a river, young Annuk is swept away, stranding him far from his family. The book chronicles his adventure in traveling back to them, as well as the friends, enemies and others he meets along the way. It’s an in-depth look at natural life for bears and other animals within the rainforest, but it’s also an engaging, evocative story that will enthrall children of all ages. In short, it’s fun, engaging and educational, providing young readers with the chance to learn while enjoying themselves.

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