Create an Immersive Learning Experience with Kids’ Books about Nature

kids-books-about-natureKids are unceasingly curious about the natural world, but finding ways to teach them about nature while retaining their interest can be tough. Most textbooks are too serious and “dry”. However, kids’ books about nature can give your children or students the education they need in a format that engages their imagination – making learning fun and fully-immersive.

A kids’ nature book can combine both storytelling and accurate information, resulting in a unique book that educates while entertaining. Spirit Bear is a perfect example. Replete with beautiful illustrations, Spirit Bear is an engaging story about Annuk, a young spirit bear living in the Great Bear Rainforest. After being separated from his family by a raging river, Annuk must undertake the journey home, but he doesn’t go alone. He’s accompanied by a young sea wolf and he also encounters many new animals, not all of them friendly.

Readers will undertake the journey with Annuk as he learns more about the world he inhabits, as well as the animals with which he shares that world. It’s an exciting story, filled with accurate information and depictions of the animals that live in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Eco Books 4 Kids offers more than just kids’ books about nature – you’ll also find educational resources and Teachers’ Packages that make it easier than ever to build on a child’s interests and help them learn more about animals and the natural world. We’re proud to offer free resources online, and can also provide resources to your school, including speaking and readings from our authors. Contact us to learn more by calling us at 647.724.7106.