Educational Books for Kids Can Be Fun

educational-books-for-kidsMost kids don’t equate education with fun, despite the best efforts of teachers to create an enjoyable atmosphere. That’s particularly true when it comes to educational books for kids. Eco Books 4 Kids is set to change that. Our books combine powerful storytelling with education, all set in a world that kids can immediately relate to – the world of a child.

For instance, Spirit Bear is the story of a young white bear cub separated from his mother by a raging river. Cast ashore far from home, the young cub must make his way home to his mother through a range of trials and situations. Along the way he is helped by a sea wolf who becomes his friend and guide. Kids immediately connect with the plight of spirit bear because it’s something within the range of their understanding and experience. The dynamic storytelling draws children into the tale and educates within that construct.

Young readers need a storytelling structure to enjoy reading material – facts and figures can be imparted just as well through a story as through other methods, and children tend to retain what they read in stories far better than if they were reading from a textbook. Eco Books 4 Kids ensures that your students have an accessible way to learn about our environment, the plants and animals around us, and have fun at the same time.

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