Education Books for Children Help Expand Knowledge of the Natural World

education-books-for-childrenEducational books for children are too often dull and boring. While informative and accurate, they don’t engage kids’ imaginations.

That’s a challenge.

Kids learn best when they are fully engaged in a subject, and “dry” educational formats don’t accomplish that. That’s why Eco Books 4 Kids set out to create children’s educational books that offer something different.

Our educational books for children are designed to help kids learn more about the world around them – the natural world and its residents, both plant and animal. For instance, Spirit Bear tells the story of Annuk, a young spirit bear lost in the Great Bear Rainforest. His journey includes meeting many other residents of the rainforest, and kids will be thrilled to learn about how he escapes predators like grizzly bears and cougars, and how he meets river otters, minks, and black-tailed deer to name only a few.

Once your students have finished reading, their journey has only just begun. We provide a range of free educational resources, including animal profiles that teach your students more about the animals in the Great Bear Rainforest (including the spirit bear). It’s a far different experience than what most kids are used to receiving.

Eco Books 4 Kids is different in other ways, too. We strive to be green, and offer books that are produced with 100% recycled, uncoated paper to limit our impact on the environment. They’re books you can feel good about. Contact us today by calling us at 647.724.7106 to learn more about our books, our educational resources and our author speaking and reading events available at no cost to your school.