Children’s Story Books Can Be the Key to Fun Education

childrens-story-booksWhat kid doesn’t love stories? Storytelling is a deeply ingrained part of us, and children’s story books give kids the chance to enjoy a well-told story that at once entertains and educates. Stories have educated, entertained, made us laugh and cry, and moved us since the beginning of time.

Children’s story books teach a range of lessons, from giving children information about the plants and animals with which we share this planet to life lessons that can be applied to their own lives, friendships and experiences. Eco Books 4 Kids’ Spirit Bear is one example of these books, but there are many others. We’re also proud to supplement the education offered by our preschool story books and children’s story books. Our educational resources are free to access online and include animal profiles of the creatures found within the Great Bear Rainforest. However, we also offer supplements for classroom learning through our Teachers’ Packages. These packages offer an animated version of the book, as well as an educational video on the rainforest and worksheets for classrooms.

We’re also a green publisher, so you can feel good about each book purchased. We offer books made from uncoated, 100% recycled paper, and our books are always printed in Canada. Contact us today to learn more about our children’s books, our educational resources, Teachers’ Package or even author readings and signings at your school. Call us at 647.724.7106.