Children’s Educational Books Can Be Enhanced with Additional Resources

childrens-learning-booksChildren’s learning books are often thought of as standalone solutions. The children read the story, learn what’s available in the book’s pages, and then move on. However, this offers only baseline education – what if there were a way to build their understanding even more through related resources?

That’s exactly what you’ll find with children’s educational books from Eco Books 4 Kids.

Our children’s books are engaging, informative and fun, but the experience doesn’t stop when the kids have read the last page.

At Eco Books 4 Kids, we strive to provide greater understanding in children by offering additional resources to kids, parents and teachers alike. Our books are fun and informative, combining powerful storytelling designed to pique kids’ interest and draw them into the world of the book, and then impart education through character experiences. However, once they’re done with the story, they can continue their education.

We offer a range of free educational resources, including online animal profiles that help kids learn more about the animals they just read about in the story. For instance, kids reading Spirit Bear will be able to read profiles about black bears, sea wolves and other animals encountered in the story. We also offer an iPad app that ties in with the story and provides even more educational information. It’s all about creating interest and then building on that interest through related resources.

Children’s educational books can be the first step in a journey toward education and better understanding. Let Eco Books 4 Kids help with that journey. Contact us today by calling 647.724.7106.