How Children’s Educational Books Can Be Different

childrens-educational-booksGetting kids to read can be a real challenge. You have to compete with a range of distractions, from playtime to computers, the TV to the iPad and more. One of the most important elements is that these books focus on storytelling, rather than on pure education or information delivery. By embedding facts and information within an engaging story, kids learn much more quickly, and they’re far more likely to continue reading and learning for the sake of the story.

Stories about animals are time-tested ways to connect with kids. Kids of all ages love to read about animals, and when you combine education about animals and the natural world with standout storytelling, you have a unique way to not only encourage reading, but to really engage kids with learning about the natural world.

Eco Books 4 Kids offers children’s educational books that provide entertaining, compelling storytelling combined with unique learning of the natural world we share with our animal cousins. Not only that, but our books are designed to be as close to 100% green as possible. Uncoated, made with recycled paper, and designed to be as environmentally friendly as they can be. Our books are as good for the planet as they are for your kids.

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