For Children, Bear Books Provide Understanding, Enjoyment and Fun

children-bear-booksOnce upon a time, bears roamed the entire North American continent. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, bears were the kings of the forest. Today, bears are restricted to unspoiled natural areas like the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada. Children’s books about bears allow kids to learn more about these amazing animals, as well as their natural habitats, and how those environments work. It’s not all about education, though… animal books are also about fun and about storytelling.

Eco Books 4 Kids publishes a children’s book with a bear as the central character.  Spirit Bear tells the story of a young ghost bear named Annuk living in the Great Bear Rainforest. When Annuk is swept away from his mother by a river and he finds himself alone in the forest, he must undertake the journey of his young life to reunite with his family. Annuk is not alone on this journey, though. He’s accompanied by a young sea wolf as his friend and guide. He also meets others along the way, both friends and predators.

For children, bear books like Spirit Bear offer more than just a glimpse into the natural environment and the amazing creatures that inhabit it. For children, animal books offer understanding on a deeper level, particularly when they combine rich illustration with engaging storytelling as Spirit Bear does.

At Eco Books 4 Kids, we’re proud to offer more for children than bear books and other animal books. We offer educational resources to help them learn more about the animals they meet in these stories, building their understanding of the entire habitat and the natural environment as a whole. Contact us to learn more by calling 647.724.7106.