Books about Animals for Children Offer Education and Understanding through Storytelling

books-about-animals-for-childrenChildren today too often get more exposure to technology than they do to the natural world around us. That’s a sad thing, as it robs them of part of their human heritage. Books about animals can help them learn more about this birthright and the immense diversity found in the animal world.

Eco Books 4 Kids offers books on animals for children of all ages. Spirit Bear is one such book, and tells the story of a young spirit bear named Annuk, who falls into a river and is swept away from his mother. His journey home is a harrowing experience, complete with predators and trials, but also new friends and new understanding about the world he inhabits – the Great Bear Rainforest.

Books about animals for children educate while engaging your child’s imagination – they learn while being immersed in a story filled with both powerful storytelling, as well as accurate facts and information about the habitats, plants and animals found in the Great Bear Rainforest. Moreover, Eco Books 4 Kids gives your kids the chance to learn more about those animals outside of the book. We provide a host of free educational resources to help your child learn more about what interests him or her – the animals Annuk meets in the pages of Spirit Bear, for instance.

Our books about animals for children can also be supplemented by our Teachers’ Package, which includes an educational film on the Great Bear Rainforest, as well as other resources for educators. Contact us to learn more by calling 647.724.7106.