Offering Some of the Very Best Nature Books for Kids

best-nature-books-for-kidsKids love the natural world. Plants, animals and natural habitats enthrall them. You can capitalize on that interest by engaging them with a leading nature book for kids.

The formula is actually relatively simple – you need high quality storytelling, but you also need engaging illustrations. Too much emphasis on either aspect will result in a book that only appeals to certain children, rather a wide spectrum of kids. For instance, a book with more pictures than words will appeal more to young children and first-time readers, while a book with fewer illustrations will appeal to older readers.

The best nature books for kids are able to strike the ideal balance between narrative and imagery, combining an engaging story with beautiful illustrations. Spirit Bear is one such example. It tells the tale of Annuk the spirit bear and his journey home to his mother through both illustrations and words, and will be loved by kids of all ages and all reading abilities.

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