Animal Books for Children Connect Kids with Nature

animal-books-for-children-kidsThese days, kids are more at home in front of the TV or playing a game on a wireless device than outside in the natural world. While we as parents might bemoan that, the real problem is that it’s robbing our children of an understanding of the natural world, and the animals with which we share that world. Animal books for children help build that understanding through fun storytelling, accurate natural settings and engaging characters.

Eco Books 4 Kids offers animal books for children ideal for readers of any age, but especially for younger kids. Our books are designed to help children learn more about the natural world, the animals and the roles they play in the environment and more. Our books offer fun storytelling, but they go deeper than merely telling an engrossing tale. It’s about learning, about factual depictions of the natural world, and about the relationship animals have with the natural world.

Eco Books 4 kids provide more than just animal books for children. We’re proud to offer educational resources for teachers and parents, as well as discount bulk orders for schools, libraries and other organizations. We can even help your school enjoy a free visit from the book’s author to educate, entertain and enthrall students.

Additionally, a percentage of every book sold goes to help protect the animals written about in the stories, and our books are all printed in Canada, on 100% recycled paper. Contact us today by calling us at 647.724.7106 to learn more.