Jennifer Harrington
Jennifer HarringtonAuthor
Jennifer Harrington is a Toronto-based illustrator, writer and graphic designer. She illustrated the best-selling children’s book series A Moose in a Maple Tree, which includes the titles A Moose in a Maple Tree, The Night Before a Canadian Christmas and Canadian Jingle Bells.

With her latest project, Eco Books 4 Kids, Jennifer has partnered with illustrator Michael Arnott to create a series of ecologically-themed books for children. She is the author of Spirit Bear and ABC: Animal Babies of Canada.

Jennifer offers school presentations with all of her books, including Christmas concerts with her Moose in a Maple Tree series, and educational presentations with Spirit Bear and ABC: Animal Babies of Canada. Presentations may be booked by emailing with ‘School Visit’ in the subject line.

Michael Arnott
Michael ArnottIllustrator
Michael Arnott is a Toronto-based designer, illustrator and creative director of mixed Ojibway and European descent. His passion for being creative is expressed in his countless artistic projects in various mediums both personal and commercial.

His work has been featured internationally on designs for some of the world’s top children’s entertainment and toy brands, as well as in ads, CD covers, his own apparel line, music videos, art shows and most recently independent and commercial film projects.

As a First Nations person who grew up amid the rugged wilderness of Northern Ontario, he has a deep love and respect for nature and understands the necessity of preserving it.

He hopes his books will help to raise awareness of both native land issues and the importance of protecting our fragile environment. Michael is the illustrator of Spirit Bear and ABC: Animal Babies of Canada.

Eco Books 4 Kids

Eco Books 4 Kids is a publishing company that is devoted to creating entertaining, educational children’s books about Canadian wildlife!

Eco Books 4 Kids always prints on FSC or recycled paper, and uses vegetable inks and non-toxic coatings.

We are striving to create the lowest eco-footprint possible with our books.


FREE Educational Resources!

Our books will always have associated educational materials available FREE from our website, as well as additional resources for purchase. Our mission is to create entertaining books that spark an interest in learning about Canadian wildlife in young people. We want to ignite childrens’ imaginations and instil a passion for learning at an early age. Our illustrator, Michael Arnott, is one-half Ojibway First Nations, and it is our mandate to promote awareness of First Nations culture among young people. We believe that Canadian children should have the opportunity to learn about the amazing animals in their country as  well as the history and culture of its’ first peoples.

Our FREE resources are all available in our ‘Education’ section.