Ogopogo lives in an underwater cave in Lake Okanagan where she enjoys reading, art and yoga. Things in her life are very peaceful until her crazy cousin, Manipogo, from Manitoba comes to visit. Then the shenanigans begin!

The Canadian Monster Club series is a collection of short and beautifully illustrated stories that are all based around characters from Canadian mythology and/ or on actual historical sightings. Each fun-filled story contain short, repetitive singing parts that children can join in on as well as a look-and-find that becomes part of the action.

Each book contains a historical account of each monster. Partial proceeds from the sale of these books has been donated to the First Nations Family and Caring Society.



Author: Troy Townsin
Illustrator: Trish Glab
Publisher: Polyglot Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-928131-05-2
Size: 7″ x 7″
Hardcover: 32 pages