Memegwesi is a hairy little trickster who is always pulling pranks. But on the night of his 223rd birthday-party the pranks backfire.

The Canadian Monster Club series is a collection of short and beautifully illustrated stories that are all based around characters from Canadian mythology and/ or on actual historical sightings. Each fun-filled story contain short, repetitive singing parts that children can join in on as well as a look-and-find that becomes part of the action.

Each book contains a historical account of each monster. Partial proceeds from the sale of these books has been donated to the First Nations Family and Caring Society.



Author: Troy Townsin
Illustrator: Trish Glab
Publisher: Polyglot Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-928131-04-5
Size: 7″ x 7″
Hardcover: 32 pages