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  • 123-Cover-HiRes-e1502659081452-600x600
    123: Beneath the Sea! Is a lovely counting and colours book that features brightly-coloured sea creatures from all along the Pacific coast! Cute rhymes reveal information about each marine animal’s underwater activities: ‘five yellow sea stars seek scallops in the bay, six black killer whales hunt for fish all day.’ Michael Arnott’s gorgeous illustrations depict spiralling kelp forests, flowing eelgrass beds and sparking aquamarine waters illuminated with shafts of filtered sunlight. A key to each animals’ oceanic range and conservation status also includes three scientific facts about each sea creature. A final map shows where the animals may be commonly found along the coast, accompanied by a statement about marine conservation. Dedicated to late marine conservationist and filmmaker Rob Stewart, partial proceeds from 123: Beneath the Sea! will be donated to Pacific Wild in Rob’s honour. Fun and educational, 123: Beneath the Sea! is a fantastic first book for children ages 0-5.     Author: Jennifer Harrington Illustrator: Michael Arnott Publisher: Eco Books 4 Kids ISBN: 978-0-9920320-5-0 Size: 7” x 7” Hardcover: 32 pages  
  • Twelve Little Girls is the story of twelve young women who enter an enchanted forest, where they lose track of one another in the dark pathways within and come face to face with their greatest fears. A dark fairy tale for our time. May be scary for younger readers, discretion is advised. Ages 8 and up. SKU: 978-0-9920320-4-3
  • animal babies of canada book cover
    ABC: Animal Babies of Canada is a delightful ABC book featuring baby animals all across Canada from A to Z! Clever rhymes grace every page and give insight about each young animal: ‘E is for Eagle, who soars overhead. F is for Fox, whose coat is bright red.’ A final key reveals each animal’s Canadian range and conservation status, plus one fascinating scientific fact about every one. ABC: Animal Babies of Canada introduces young readers to Canada’s diverse wildlife, featuring rare animals such as the antelope, the bobcat, the narwhal and the urson! What is a Xantus? Read the book to find out! Beautifully illustrated by Michael Arnott, a great first book for children ages 0-5.     ISBN  978-0-9920320-3-6 List Price: $11.95 CND  
  • Spirit-Bear-HC-CoverSm-1-600x600
    Spirit Bear is the story of Annuk, a young spirit bear cub happily growing up in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. Annuk learns what it means to be different when he discovers that he is white instead of black, like the rest of his family. He is a spirit bear, born with pure white fur from head to toe. One day, while testing his fishing skills, he slips and falls into the river and is swept downstream, far from the safety of his mother. Alone and lost, Annuk must make his way home through the many challenges and dangers of the rainforest. Along the way he is befriended by Kaya, a young sea wolf cub who knows the forest well, and helps him to escape the predators he encounters on his way back to his family. An entertaining story for kids of all ages!