Top Ten Quinoa Recipes

Quinoa is not only trendy, delicious and nutritious, but it’s also a more versatile grain than most people realize. Here’s a list of ten deliciously diverse quinoa recipes.

Easy Quinoa Pizza Bowls: Instead of ordering pizza make this healthier alternative. Maybe have each family member customize what goes in their pizza bowl!

Cinnamon Apple Quinoa Breakfast: Who knew […]

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Top Ten Kale Recipes

Kale is not only one of the most nutrient dense foods, but it also is a delicious addition (and star!) of many incredible dishes. These ten recipes featuring kale are sure to be hits.

Sweet Potato, Kale, and Shrimp Skillet: This dish has such a yummy combination of flavors, even the biggest of kale skeptics couldn’t resist it.

Chopped Kale […]

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Great Bear Rainforest Safe from Logging, but not from China

When I saw all the new items this February about BC’s Great Bear Rainforest being protected from industrial logging, I should have jumped for joy. This is what I had been working for the past three years, the very reason I wrote Spirit Bear! Friends were sending me links to articles claiming this forest that was larger […]

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Top Ten Do-It-Yourself Animal Costumes

For Halloween this year, why not try saving some money while still letting your kid have a cute animal costume? Almost everything for these costumes you can find at home, save for some quick and easy staples from your local arts and crafts store.

1. One Cool Cat Halloween Costume: This is the quintessential Halloween costume […]

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Spooky Snacks with a Healthy Twist

You can help your child get into the Halloween spirit while being healthy at the same time.
Check out these fun and nutritious Halloween-themed snacks!

Jack-O’-Lantern Mandarins: This simple snack will make your child laugh and get them into the Halloween spirit!
Vegetable Skeleton: Not only is this snack adorable—it’s outrageously healthy! Skip the candy and try dipping some of this […]

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