For Halloween this year, why not try saving some money while still letting your kid have a cute animal costume? Almost everything for these costumes you can find at home, save for some quick and easy staples from your local arts and crafts store.

1. One Cool Cat Halloween Costume: This is the quintessential Halloween costume for almost nothing.

Cat costume
2. What-a-hoot Owl Halloween Costume: Your child may not be able to turn his or her head all the way around, but he or she can certainly “hoot-hoot” and look adorable in this easy costume.

3. No Sew Octopus CostumeWhile some kids may find these deep sea creatures creepy, others will think having eight arms is super cool

4. Easy No-Sew Kids Lion Halloween Costume: If your kid has always wanted to be the king or queen of the jungle, then this might be the perfect costume for him or her.Owl

5. Snail Costume: If your child loves gardens and these cute little creatures, dress them up with adorable snail eyes and shell.
6. Little Lamb: Almost all the materials for this precious costume can be found around the house.

7. Bat: Whether your child wants to dress up as a bat because of batman or because of their cool wings, here’s a great guide for creating a spectacular bat costume

8. Little Llama Costume: For hip kids who don’t want to have the same animal as everyone else, make a llama costume. They’re bound to be funny and unique in this unforgettable costume.llama
9. DIY No-Sew Fox Ears: After making the ears, all you have to do is dress them in orange and they’re a cute little fox!

10. Scrappy Unicorn Costume: Who says the animal has to be real?