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devoted to creating entertaining children's books about
Canadian wildlife with associated educational resources designed specifically for teachers.

Our new book Spirit Bear introduces young readers to 22 animals from the Great Bear Rainforest. Each of the animals featured in the book has a profile that includes information on the animal's diet, habits and life-cycle, and they are available FREE from our 'Ed Resources' section!

Our Teachers' Package includes an animated version of
Spirit Bear, an educational video about the Great Bear Rainforest and a series of worksheets based on our free animal profiles. Teachers' Packages are available for purchase from our 'Ed Resources' section.

Author Jennifer Harrington is now available for school visits, which include a reading of Spirit Bear and an educational presentation on the Great Bear Rainforest!
Email info@ecobooks4kids.com to book.

Spirit Bear, is now available for purchase online in our
'Books' section. Stay tuned for upcoming projects!

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